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What is food, and Why is it Important?

We all know very well what food is? Food is vital in our daily life. Everyone need needs food to live and survive. Food gives us nutrients and energy for our health, growth, and development. Food is rich in water and contains many nutritions like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fats, etc. These nutrients are very essential for our physical and mental growth. Food also plays a significant role in health and diseases prevention.

Food Sources

Mainly three or two sources we have (Plants and Animals). All of these things we eat come from these two things. Now, look at both. What are these give us?

The primary source of Food plants. Human beings primarily eat from plants, trees, crops, roots, leaves, buses, etc. Main things f plants are fruits and vegetables.

Next, food comes from crops. Which are rice, wheat, millets, barley, etc. These are seeds of crop plants.

Some people who eat only plants are vegetarians. Now I explain with some examples that food we get plants and their different parts.


Apple, Mango, Orange, Coconut, etc.


Spinach, Coriander, etc.


Rice, Wheat, Nuts, Maize, etc.


Potato, Carrot, Radish, Turnip, etc.

The next source of food is animals. Some parts of food we get from animals are mostly farmed animals. Some examples of these are :




Goat meat


Cows and Buffalos meat


comes from lambs


Which comes from pig

Another we eat seafood like fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters, etc. That we catch from seas for eating.

We also eat some dairy products. These are milk, butter, eggs, cheese, cured, etc. These are also the source of food that we get from animals like cows, buffalos, goats, hens, etc.

Food Components:

Mostly food gives us nutrition, and this nutritions give us carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, etc. We all need these nutrients for our physical and mental health and different parts of our bodies. These components really help us to make our bodies strong.

Carbohydrate: Too important part of a healthy diet. We need daily carbohydrates. We get carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, legumes, milk products, etc.


We need more protein to work and shape our tissues and organs. It also makes up our hair, nails, bones, and muscles. Some sources of protein are fish, poultry, egg, dairy product, tofu, etc.


All fats are not suitable for us. Some fats id terrible, and it is the risk of certain diseases. Good fats protect our brain and heart. It also helps absorb vitamins. Those are fat-soluble fatty acids that help the body function. Some fats sources are dairy products, meats, poultry, seafood and eggs, seeds, nuts, etc.


It helps improve our skin and also lose weight.

Food Safety:

Food safety is paramount because of unsafe food certainly harmful bacteria, viruses. After eating hazardous food, people get many diseases like stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. That’s why we should really care about it. We should always wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking and always eat fresh food. Eating and cooking outdoor safely. We should care about cleanliness in our kitchen also wash our hands before cooking and eating. Sanitize the cutting board. Check expiry date before purchase package food always purchases fresh food. If we care about all these things, So we can live healthy always protect ourselves from diseases.

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