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Damaged Car

Top Tips To Get Top Cash For Damaged Car In Sydney 2021!

Most owners who opt to sell their cars only have one ultimate goal, and that is to get the most cash for damaged cars. Do you want the best deal for your old vehicle? Then it’s important to follow these tips:

Find Out The Worth Of Your Car 

The secret to getting the most cash for a damaged car is to actually know how much it is worth, on average. If you have an idea about the current worth of your car, it will be easier to determine which buyer is giving you a good deal and which ones are trying to short change you. Calculate the depreciated worth of your car using an online tool. Then deduct all the cost of damage to come up with a rough estimate.

Note Down All The Details Of Your Damaged Car

To do the first step, you have to take inventory of your damaged vehicle first. Write down all important details, including the year, model, and make. You should also note the odometer reading and the damages it has.

Request Quote Online 

Save yourself some gas by requesting quotes online. No need to visit the facility in-person and bring the damaged car with you. Just go to the websites of auto wreckers you’re interested in selling to and fill out their online forms. The details you have noted will come in handy in this step as they are exactly the things that you should provide to your wrecker when booking a car removal or requesting a quote. You need to be very descriptive when dealing with wreckers to ensure accuracy. Don’t try to hide any problems. If your vehicle was damaged because of an accident, then you must mention that.

Compare Quotes 

If you don’t want to spend cash when selling your car, find auto wreckers that provide free quotes. You shouldn’t have to pay for this service. After receiving quotes from different companies, it’s time to compare them. Naturally, you will focus on the prices. But before choosing the one with the highest bid, read the fine prints. Be aware of their terms and conditions, especially extra charges. Don’t just select the one that promises to give you the most cash. Choose the one that offers the best overall deal!

Look For Free Car Removal And Paperwork Services It’s easy to assume that all auto wreckers are offering free car removal and can take care of the paperwork required when selling cars, because everyone seems to be doing them. This isn’t true. Different companies have different processes and terms. So, it pays to double-check with the company before agreeing with their offer. Otherwise, you will be surprised to pay extra fees.

If you choose Anytime Cash for Cars, you won’t need to worry about extra charges. With our free and reliable services, rest assured that you will get the full payment in cash for your damaged car. We will tow your car from your place. And our friendly staff will complete all the paperwork involved. Do you have a car to sell? Call us at 0412 525 712!

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